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  3. son iki fotograf neresi çok merak ettim

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    @Brave1Graffiti freehand spray painting in an epic level to create this superb production. (http://globalstreetart.com/brave)

  5. thrash grubunda çalacak bas gitarist aranıyor

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    N°5 Chanel Culture Exhibition (2013)

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    A herd of 17 goats made their way into a train station in the city of Terrassa and onto the railway tracks on Tuesday morning. No kidding!

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    WAT-AAH! and today’s preeminent street artists come together to fight childhood obesity. The campaign features Kenny Scharf, Haze, Swoon, Pose, and many others!


    WAT-AAH! Wall #6. 207th Street and 10th Avenue, New York. Damien Mitchell. WAT-AAH! Wall #6. 2014. 60’x30’.

    WAT-AAH!’s Taking…

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    Circus strongwoman Katie Sandwina, “The Lady Hercules,” holds three men aloft in a publicity photo, c.1910